3 Ways LinkedIn Gathers Data about Your Company

3 Ways LinkedIn Gathers Data about Your Company

By Chad PollittNov 30 /2011

LinkedIn Company PagesHave you ever noticed news snippets on your LinkedIn Company Page before? How’d they get there? Who put them there? Lately, we’ve noticed our press releases showing up on Kuno’s LinkedIn Company Page. This led to an investigation and here’s what was discovered – LinkedIn actually has three methods for gathering and collecting company information for its Company Pages section and some of the sources may surprise you.   

Capital IQ

LinkedIn Press Releases

This LinkedIn partner provides the initial basic company data that is used to populate pages which are not claimed by a company or person. This makes sense, because without an initial population of company pages this feature wouldn’t be very beneficial to LinkedIn users. Capital IQ provides the company overview, revenue numbers, etc. and is a provider of data and analytics to over 4,200 investment banks, asset management firms, private equity firms, universities, and corporations.


The press releases that started showing up on Kuno’s LinkedIn Company Page came from Yahoo! The releases were picked up by Yahoo! by pushing them through Marketwire’s distribution network. Not every press release is picked up by Yahoo!, but any news with your company name it that makes it to a Yahoo! news property has a pretty good chance of showing up on LinkedIn. Be wary of this because not all news is good news. If bad news ever gets released about your company you’ll want to check your LinkedIn Company Page to see if the negative news is being displayed. If it is you’ll want to take swift action by deploying these search engine reputation management (SERM) techniques.    

LinkedIn User Data

The third and final way LinkedIn acquires information about your company is from you. Companies which take ownership of their LinkedIn profiles have the ability to customize their company overview, career opportunities, products and services, description, blog feeds and add videos.

One of the newest features LinkedIn has included is the ability to post company status updates which are posts made by the company to share anything from company news to product releases to promotions to relevant industry articles. Below are some advantages to posting status updates:

If you haven’t claimed your LinkedIn Company Page yet we highly recommend doing so to help generate qualified sales leads. For additional help with LinkedIn feel free to download our LinkedIn cheat sheet.

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