12 Powerful Reasons to Move Your Website to the HubSpot CMS Right Now

12 Powerful Reasons to Move Your Website to the HubSpot CMS Right Now

By Roman KniahynyckyjNov 14 /2011

I often speak with clients and prospective clients who aren't yet on the HubSpot Content Management System or aren't sure of the advantages of HubSpot. In the event we haven't had the opportunity to speak or if you're still in the initial phases of your HubSpot research - here are 12 powerful reasons to move your website to the HubSpot CMS. 

  • Integrate your website with your SEO strategy. The HubSpot CMS is fully-integrated with optimization tools for SEO. In the image below, you can see how the Keyword Grader helps you to determine the best keywords to help you get found and monitor your performance through rank.Inbound Marketing Screenshot 1 resized 600
  • Integrate your content marketing with your SEO strategy. The built-in HubSpot blog tools make it fool-proof to optimize your content for maximum results.Inbound Marketing Screenshot 2 resized 600
  • Daily comparison on progress of traffic and leads. Located conveniently right on your Dashboard upon login, the Traffic & Leads analysis shows you your progress month over month at-a-glance.Inbound Marketing Screenshot 3
  • Landing page data and conversion rates. Create, edit, and compare the performance of all your landing pages from one tool.Inbound Marketing Screenshot 4 resized 600
  • Lead nurturing campaigns. Provide relevant content for your potential customers that is customized to their position in the sales funnel - automatically.Inbound Marketing Screenshot 5 resized 600
  • Lead intelligence, scoring and social media integration. Find out more - to better qualify your leads.Inbound Marketing Screenshot 6 resized 600
  • Blog analytics. See which blogs are the most read, shared, and converted-on with easy-to-use analytics.Inbound Marketing Screenshot 7 resized 600
  • Competitor analysis. A handy tool for measuring how you rank amongst your competitors in traffic, social media, website grade, and more.Inbound Marketing Screenshot 8 resized 600
  • Sources data. View advanced analytics to track sources of leads, traffic, and customers, and use to modify your strategy.Inbound Marketing Screenshot 9 resized 600
  • Social media distribution. Seamlessly integrate social media buttons to make it easy for visitors to share your content online.  Inbound Marketing Screenshot 10 resized 600
  • URL tracking for email marketing or PPC (pay per click). The HubSpot software provides an integrated multi-channel report to view and analyze all of your campaigns.  Inbound Marketing Screenshot 11 resized 600
  • Industry leading platform. HubSpot has recently been named the second Fastest Growing Software Company and the thirty-third Fastest Growing Company Overall by Inc. Magazine.Inbound Marketing Screenshot 12 resized 600

OK. Ready to run now? Just say when...

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