The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - Google+, Secrets, and HubSpot Enterprise

The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - Google+, Secrets, and HubSpot Enterprise

By Roman KniahynyckyjNov 13 /2011

inbound marketing cook resized 600Guten Tag, Inbound Marketing friend. Not counting today, Thanksgiving is a mere 11 days away. Are your travel and family plans made? Have you spent this past year serving up fresh and ready inbound marketing? Or have you yet to find a cook for your inbound marketing kitchen. Let's take a look at our chart toppers this week - maybe they'll give you a sense of where you're at. 

The release of Google+ Pages for Business and Google+ Direct Connect generated a lot of chatter on the Interwebs this week. We offered tips on embedding the Google+ Pages logo on your website and reminded our readers that it's difficult to say whether Google+ is going to be successful or fizzle out like Google Buzz. However, as long as Google’s search engine is the king of the hill and Google+ data is used in ranking algorithms, it's important to not let the Google+ train pass you by.

Also heavily trafficked this week was our top secret inbound marketing shortcut. Don't hesitate to share the secret, but don't be surprised if no one believes you or you are offered other questionable tactics to help you achieve inbound marketing success. Want the double top secret shortcut to the top secret inbound marketing shortcut? Ok - here it is. Keep that to yourself, please. 

Finally, we discussed some key reasons you should consider upgrading to HubSpot Enterprise, including behavior triggered communications and advanced marketing analytics. Kuno is using HubSpot Enterprise to grow our company's sales as we speak. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how to best implement and configure HubSpot within your organization

That rounds out this week. Make it a great Sunday and don't forget to visit our resources page for all your inbound marketing needs