Inbound Marketing and the Cosmic Meltdown

Inbound Marketing and the Cosmic Meltdown

By John McTigueNov 11 /2011

I have deliberately scheduled this post to be published at exactly 11:11 AM on 11/11/11. Why? Because I want to be recognized as the last blogger to post on earth before the ultimate cosmic meltdown or to be recognized as the first person to realize that it was all a giant hoax. Cool idea, huh? I'm either dead and getting credit for cosmic awareness or alive and laughing with all the non-believers.

inbound marketing and the cosmic meltdown

So What's the Big Deal?

In case you hadn't noticed, this exact date/time is the 2nd such opportunity to be alive on a date and time filled with a single number. The first was 11:11 (:11 if you want to be picky) on 11/11/1111. Wow that was a big day! Today's date is a bit watered down by the fact that we are in 2011, not 1111. Still, we have at least 10 "1s" in the date and time. That has to significant doesn't it? Surely there is an ancient prophecy that predicts Armageddon (or Rapture) on this date. Sorry, I haven't Googled it, but you'll get my point in a minute. OK, back to the wow factor. You and I will never see such an alignment of numbers again. Maybe our ancestors (if we survive) will see 22:22:22 (military time) on 22/22/22 if they are lucky. On the dark side, there's a decent chance that on this specific date/time, we have reached the end of the Universe 1 saga, and we are headed back to a pre-Big-Bang state, and the Cosmos, as we know it, is history. The question for my cosmologist and religious leader friends would then be "do we get a second shot?"

OK, So How is This Relevant or Significant?

Well, if you're of Irish descent like me, it's a grand excuse to hoist a glass of your favorite libation (of course we don't really need excuses). The rest of us should be thinking about blogging. That's right, blogging. Here I am blogging about the Cosmic Meltdown (or lack thereof). Like any good student of betting (a.k.a. statistics), I'm playing both sides of the street. If we meltdown, I win because I was the last blogger. If we don't, I also win because I was the only Irish descendant to lay waste to the hoax.

Is There an Inbound Marketing Takeaway?

Blogging immortalizes you! Publish your ideas, whether they are on cosmic topics or not. No idea is out of bounds. How cool is that? If there is a meltdown, you are on record in the cosmic blogosphere! If there isn't, you are on record in the real world blogosphere (and social etc.). That's even cooler. You may be completely ignored or celebrated as the next Einstein. It doesn't matter. What counts is that you are on the record, and no one can ever take that away from you.

If you are going to comment, please indicate whether you are a cosmologist, religious leader or Irishman.

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