3 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to HubSpot Enterprise

3 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to HubSpot Enterprise

By John McTigueNov 7 /2011

If you are a current HubSpot user or are considering purchasing the software, you should consider upgrading to the Enterprise level. It doesn't matter what size company you have or at what stage of inbound marketing you find yourself today. The additional features available in Enterprise are powerful and affordable enough to deliver more qualified sales leads and take your "smarketing" efforts to the next level. Here are three compelling reasons to upgrade today.

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Improve Lead Conversion Rates

Getting found online and increasing visitor traffic to your brand venues (website, blog, social media sites, ads and mobile presence) are important first steps towards increasing sales via the Internet, but lead conversion is equally important. You should not assume that you know exactly what will attract customers and compel them to enter your sales pipeline willingly. Instead, you should anticipate and test different ways to optimize lead conversion rates via A/B testing on your landing pages, calls-to-action, online ads and everything in between. HubSpot Enterprise has Advanced Landing Page functionality that makes it easy to create, deploy and analyze A/B tests for all of your online and offline marketing channels.

Reduce Your Sales Cycle

Left to their own devices, a majority of decision makers would rather wait than buy your products or services now. Unless what you offer is a critical need and there is no competition, they can afford to kick tires for an extended period of time. They will certainly take the time to research their available options. They may want to do an in-depth evaluation of the your marketplace and slowly narrow down the field to a final decision. This process may require you to commit resources to sales support activities, even when the odds aren't in your favor. One of the best ways to avoid, or at least shorten, this cycle is to reach out to potential buyers at the most opportune time - when they are engaged and showing interest. HubSpot Enterprise has Behavior Driven Communications capability to enable this just-in-time strategy. You can set up triggers based on specific visited pages or actions your leads take and immediately send an email or text to help nurture their decision making process and move them down the sales funnel. By doing so you can find opportunities that you might otherwise have missed and catch prospects at just the right time to stimulate a quick decision.

Understand Your Customer Lifecycle

HubSpot Enterprise also has Advanced Marketing Analytics tools that allow you to track and analyze the behavior of your visitors and leads as they navigate through your website and make decisions. When they first arrive at your website home page, what do they click on and where do they go from there? What are the most popular pages and forms, and what "drivers" cause visitors to become leads? Where are the obstacles and barriers, and how can you remove them? These are all questions that can be addressed in the reports available in HubSpot Enterprise. Understanding customer lifecycle not only improves your customer conversion rates but also helps you develop strategies to keep your leads and customers engaged, thereby reducing customer churn and increasing life time value.

If you are ready to take your online presence to the next level, i.e. make it a responsive sales revenue engine, the tools available in HubSpot Enterprise can help you get there. My advice to HubSpot would be to rename the package. The term "Enterprise" implies a large company with hundreds of employees and multiple divisions, but the tools available in this affordable package are applicable to any size company. In fact, small businesses and startups need higher conversion rates and shorter sales cycles even more than larger companies, since their financial survival depends on rapid revenue growth and proof of viability. Maybe "Enterprise" should be called "Turbo" instead, since these tools can help your company rapidly expand sales volumes and reduce time-to-sale significantly.

I know I sound like a salesman here, but I believe in these products. We are using Enterprise to grow our company's sales as we speak, and my recommendation is based on results. Please contact us if you would like to take a look at what Enterprise can do for your company.

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