Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices for 2012

Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices for 2012

By Laura LiattiOct 26 /2011

Conversion Rate Best PracticesWith the exponential proliferation of web and mobile site usage for commerce, the need for advanced lead generation and analytics has become even more vital for businesses. Companies must determine how to optimize their conversion rates, and what best practices are available. Through advanced lead generation and analytics, conversion rate optimization can be achieved and improved dramatically.

For business owners, it is important to understand conversion rate optimization and how these advanced lead generation and analytics can be applied. There are some trending best practices that businesses should carefully review in order to take full advantage of their visitor-to-customer conversion ratios in order to achieve business goals.

What is a good conversion rate?

The answer to this question varies depending on the type of business, product, or service. The answer can even vary by target market. For your specific business, you should first look at your traditional marketing conversion rates. How often does a radio or TV ad turn a target market individual into a buying customer? When does direct mail convert to customer? How do newspaper coupons or specials affect your conversion rate? Do you already have a target market that has a higher conversion rate? Once you know your traditional conversion rate, you should set your expectation to be equal to or higher for your online conversion rates.

Working smarter with online target marketing

There are many analytics tools now available that can be used to review current conversion rates and assist in testing new best practices for optimization. Businesses should work with professionals who can leverage these tools and help to build an online marketing and social media marketing plan. With so many variables, using a professional service is the best choice. Some of the analyses to perform include:

  • Current website conversion rate and search engine optimization usage - reviewing these statistics can help a business to decide on their foundation and understand who their current target demographic is.
  • Social media utilization and conversion rates - businesses should have a pre-determined expectation on their approach to social media and how to convert the masses of social media users into customers. From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn and blogs, businesses should develop a plan on using social media, and then have metrics built to analyze the effectiveness of these campaigns.
  • Mobile media strategy and lead generation - mobile device usage has become a critical component of marketing plans. Whether your business is B2C or B2B your marketing team must develop some type of approach to mobile marketing. This can include SMS text marketing, emails, or mobile applications to get closer to your target audience and recruit them as customers.

Businesses should also look for partners who can best use advanced lead generation and analytics to set a course for better conversion rate optimization and higher revenues. By working with your marketing team, analytics experts can take the multitude of statistics from online marketing initiatives and turn those statistics into real customers.

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