The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - Facebook Updates, Influencers, and 5 Minute Sales Calls

The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - Facebook Updates, Influencers, and 5 Minute Sales Calls

By Roman KniahynyckyjSep 25 /2011

inbound marketing salesHappy Sunday, inbound marketing friend. My apologies for the recent absence of the Review. The whirlwind of IMS and HUGS and other non-blogging demands got the best of me. We're back in the saddle and ready to discuss the three articles that garnered the most attention this past week. 

First up - our Senior Designer extraordinaire, Dan (The Man) Ulichney, took an informal, non-scientific office poll of the new Facebook changes. As would be expected, there's been a good deal of chatter on Facebook's latest updates. As inbound marketers, it's important for us to be aware of marketing platform changes. Even more critical, however, is our ability to align our client goals with the appropriate platform or technology - whether it's Facebook, HubSpot, or Constant Contact. It's how we'll show our true value. 

Next, John offered tips on interacting with social media influencers and reminded us to be influencers in our own right. Influencers are attracted to other influencers - people who create their own value through blogs, webinars and other useful analysis of data and patterns. Don't be the guy taking a picture with another influencer, be the guy critiquing the big picture through rigorous evaluation. 

Finally, we further articulated our 5 minute inbound marketing sales call strategy, which served as an extended discussion of John's participation in a sales panel at the HubSpot User Group Summit (#HUGS11) VAR Day. It's certainly not pie in the sky thinking, especially if you study the evolution of the sales process over the years. Salespeople aren't in control, buyers are. As a sales mensch, I don't call people, I call voicemail. The potential buyer/client/friend listens to my voicemail, remembers an email that came from me and decides to check out Perhaps they'll download something that piques their interest. Maybe they'll register for a webinar or decide to receive our blog posts through email - and so on, and so on. Is your website a sales optimization engine? Does it address each part of the sales funnel? This is Sales 2011 - we are educators, helpers, and revenue creators - not door to door vacuum peddlers. 

Make it a great week, inbound marketing nation. And if you have some time, please join us for our webinar on turning visitors into customers. It's the future


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