3 Surprising Reasons You Need Inbound Marketing Now More Than Ever

3 Surprising Reasons You Need Inbound Marketing Now More Than Ever

By Roman KniahynyckyjSep 7 /2011

suprises inbound marketingAre you considering inbound marketing as a strategy for your business? It's certainly a viable alternative to traditional outbound marketing. There are many documented success stories and ROI benefits. If you're still on the fence about inbound marketing - here are some reasons to help get you off that fence:

  • Mail is Dead - The United States Postal Service, a previously formidable outbound marketing platform, is currently operating with one week's worth of cash and could lose up to $10 billion this year. Is that a platform you want to invest marketing efforts in? Rather than mailing content, post your content, email your offers, or even consider a hybrid approach of a mailer that drives your audience to a landing page.
  • Cable is Dead - Partially due to a sputtering economy and partially because consumers can build a mosaic of video content through free TV and services like Netflix and Hulu, cable subscriptions are seeing a decline. If you spend advertising dollars on cable, your audience (and your reach) is shrinking. Why not put your videos on YouTube or your website and integrate them with the rest of your inbound marketing efforts?
  • Singularity  - the notion of the convergence of man and machine and the creation of superintelligence is being discussed by many technologists these days. Will we all have a personal Watson at our beck and call? If this future state does occur, all the content created through your inbound marketing implementation will be part of the content these super human computers parse. Naturally, the more valuable content you have in your inbound marketing ecosystem, the more likely this content will be viewed as relevant by the Googles of the future. 

Still not convinced? That's OK. Take a look at these, maybe they will help. Or, maybe schedule some time with us, we live and breath this stuff.