How to Successfully Coalesce Lead Nurturing, Email & Mobile Marketing

How to Successfully Coalesce Lead Nurturing, Email & Mobile Marketing

By Chad PollittSep 6 /2011

With mobile and smart phone adoption increasing at a rapid pace inbound marketers are scrambling to figure out the best way to deploy campaigns on this emerging platform (mobile sites, QR codes, text messaging, etc).  While QR codes seem to be all the rage and faddish there are certainly other ways to engage people on their mobile devices. 

Mobile campaigns which focus on the use of QR codes are severely limiting the number of people the campaign can reach.  According to only 28 percent of smart phone owners have used mobile apps to scan QR codes.  On the other hand, with 94 percent of Americans owning a cell phone, over 65 percent of them use text messaging.  Using text messaging in a mobile marketing campaign has much greater reach potential. 

Businesses throughout the world have struggled to figure out the most efficient way to capture email addresses offline, as opposed to online.  Mobile marketing can alleviate this struggle. 

Email Mobile MarketingTake Chuck E. Cheese for example.  Prior to launching an in-restaurant mobile marketing campaign they were forced to rely on their wait staff to collect hand written email addresses and personal information from people who wanted to join their Chuck E-Club email program.  Then this information had to be sent to marketing, combined with other locations' lists, and hand-jammed into their data base.  This process took weeks.

Mobile Marketing is the Solution

Chuck E. Cheese deployed a text message opt-in campaign for instant registration and seamless data base integration.  The process is simple.  The customer texts their email address to the number 35505.  They receive a confirmation text and double opt-in email.  When the customer verifies their age and completes the opt-in they receive a welcome email and coupon.

Mobile Email Marketing

Email & Mobile Marketing Results

  • The campaign accounts for five percent of Chuck E. Cheese's daily email subscribers
  • Text subscribers have a 10-20% higher email open rate
  • Coupon click rates are 8-10% greater for text subscribers

Overall, the campaign has proven to be more efficient, saves time, and virtually eliminates errors.  In addition, customers get instant gratification and coupons as opposed to the two week waiting period they previously had.  The complete case study is available at

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