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The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - Recipes, Facebook Profiles, and Email Marketing

By Roman KniahynyckyjAug 28 /2011

inbound marketing week aug 28Happy Sunday, inbound marketing friend. If you're dodging Irene this weekend and are away from homeplease be safe. We decided to ramp up our blogging schedule this week. Our own data has previously shown an increase in traffic and leads when we started publishing blogs everyday. The natural actionable extension of this data is to start blogging even more - and that's what we've decided to do. We'll keep you updated on the results. So far, our traffic has increased 50% over last week when we published one blog a day. It's early, but we're seeing a positive trend. 

For the week in review post, I've decided to highlight our 3 most trafficked posts. To start, Chad detailed a content marketing recipe for success in his presentation at the Affiliate Summit East in New York City. In our next most popular blog post, Vanessa highlighted best practices for creating Facebook pages for your brand. Importantly, your brand should have "likes" not "friends" and remember, only a human being, not a brand, can have a birth date. John completed our trifecta of most popular blogs with his post on the top 10 worst practices for email marketing. I especially like numbers 9 and 10

Well, we're on to next week. To paraphrase Casey Kasem, keep your inbound marketing feet on the ground and keep reaching for the inbound marketing stars. And if you have a blog post you'd like to share here, by all means, please let us know.  

pic: C.L.E. Clothing Co.