Analyzing Our Top Twenty Blog Posts for Traffic and Topics

Analyzing Our Top Twenty Blog Posts for Traffic and Topics

By John McTigueAug 29 /2011

We've been blogging for several years, but in the last two or so, we've had the HubSpot platform to track traffic and leads from these valuable content marketing resources. It's a good idea to periodically assess which topics and titles bring in the most interest in order to emphasize the most successful and optimize inbound marketing traffic and leads.

top twenty blog posts and their topics for inbound marketing

Bearing in mind that the oldest blog posts have some advantage over newer posts by virtue of online exposure via search engines, this is still a fair assessment of blog post popularity, as newer posts are easier to find on your website lists and feeds sorted by decreasing date.

Here are our Top 20 Blog Posts for the past 2 years, sorted by unique page views:

How to Create a Cool Website Portfolio Using Flickr 2,412 Web Design
Why Your Company Should Not Block Facebook or Twitter 1,561 Social Media
How Much Does it Cost a Company to Stop Blogging - ROI Revealed 1,014 Content
Creating a Custom HubSpot Website Design 992 Web Design
Think Before You Set Up Your LinkedIn-Twitter Integration 949 Social Media
Top 10 Quotes - If Glengarry Glen Ross Were About Internet Marketing 846 SEO
Top 10 Phrases to Avoid in 2011 839 General Interest
5 Steps to Identify Your Branding Strengths and Weaknesses 779 Branding
Why I'm Following You on Twitter (Or Not) 673 Social Media
How to Use Twitter to Build Your Sales Funnel 646 Social Media
Is Your Website Design Above or Below the Fold? 624 Web Design
7 Reasons Why Your Inbound Marketing is Failing 611 Inbound Marketing
Take Your Blog to the Next Level With Social Media Marketing 602 Social Media/Content
Facebook – The Great Debate: Professional vs. Personal? 558 Social Media
25 Tweeple to Follow Who Will Make You a Better Inbound Marketer 529 Social Media
How to Build a Company Like HubSpot 526 Inbound Marketing
5 Tips for an Effective Landing Page Design 492 Inbound Marketing
3 Common Page Title Mistakes That Can Ruin Your On-page SEO 489 SEO
16 Reasons NOT to Use Google Analytics for Inbound Marketing  489 SEO
A Health Insurance Company Driving Social Media Innovation? 480 Social Media


  • Topics: Social Media > Web Design > SEO > Inbound Marketing
  • Titles: Numbers (Top 10...) > How To > Social Network (Name)
  • Themes: Avoid Mistakes > Helpful Tips > Social Media Tips > SEO Tips
  • Audience: Social Media Users > Inbound Marketers > SEO's

While we always strive to "mix it up" so that our topics and content don't become stale, we can clearly see that the most popular posts target a broad audience of social media users who want to better understand and manage their accounts. These are the topics that tend to persist over time as they become more popular and rank higher in searches. More time-sensitive or narrowly focused blogs often get a burst of initial interest but tend to be forgotten with time. These results probably won't cause us to change our topic and title strategy, but they will remind us to go back to the popular subjects periodically. Social media is still wildly popular as a topic for discussion at the water cooler or in blog posts. As long as we keep our facts straight and provide fresh ideas, it's likely to continue to be our #1 bread winner.

What blog topics and titles are working for you?

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