Facebook: Pages are for Brands, Profiles are for People

Facebook: Pages are for Brands, Profiles are for People

By Vanessa KnipperAug 24 /2011

Inbound Marketing FacebookMore and more often, we are all seeing in our Facebook newsfeeds that so-and-so is now “friends” with a brand, school, restaurant, landmark, cause, etc. Admittedly, some of us made that mistake in the early stages of Facebook because we didn’t want to have a personal connection with the page. Here is some 20/20 hindsight to tell you how to get your business or organization started on Facebook properly with best practices.

Do NOT create a fake profile. Why not?

  • What is your company’s birth date? Unless you are a human being, you do not have a birth date. That is the first sign that a profile is not the right interface for your brand presence on Facebook.
  • Another login. Enough said.
  • You will not have analytics such as impressions and demographics.
  • You will not be able to add “admins” to help you manage the profile.
  • Most importantly – this is a violation of Facebook Rules and Regulations and you risk having your profile removed by Facebook.

If you’re using Facebook, you already have your own personal login and account. You have the ability to create and administer Pages, Groups, Events, etc. through your own account, and to add others as “admins”.

Facebook page administration has changed over the years, but an important update is that there is no longer a “creator” status - meaning whoever created the page can add “admins” and not be tied to the page personally. In fact, the “admin” that created the page can be removed by any other “admin”. How to add “admins” - http://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=187316341316631 

Also, you have an option as an “admin” to use Facebook as the page or as yourself. I.e. you are a local doctor and would like to personally comment on a post – you now have that ability, rather than commenting as the “page”.

Takeaway>> Your audience should give you a “like”, not “friend” you. And you will “like” the ease of administration and the analytics!

Now, getting started on creating your new page is easy. Mashable provides a very detailed “How To” for setting up a Facebook page HERE.

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Vanessa Knipper

Vanessa helps Kuno clients achieve their business and marketing goals with her many years of experience in both traditional and inbound marketing strategies. Her success stories span industries from medical device clinical research to photofinishing and camera brands, and one of the largest orchid growers in the U.S., assisting them in winning business against national competitors.