Taking the Inbound Marketing Blog Schedule to the Next Level!

Taking the Inbound Marketing Blog Schedule to the Next Level!

By John McTigueAug 23 /2011

Sometimes you just have to dive off the cliff to see what's at the bottom. We know that our inbound marketing traffic and leads increased substantially when we started posting on our blog every day. And we know that HubSpot and other rapidly growing companies are blogging multiple times every day, and their data shows that the "sweet spot" for publishing is around three times a day. Fine, that's compelling enough reason to jump in and ramp up the blogging schedule. Let's see what happens. Here are some of the possibilities:

blogging three times a day helps traffic and leads

  1. Like magic, we start to generate more traffic and more leads, and the top of our sales funnel starts filling even faster.
  2. We get an increase, but it's not dramatic. Maybe the daily appetite for Kuno Creative content has already been satisfied.
  3. We get a backlash. We start to get some complaints about all the content, and our blog subscriptions start to tail off - or worse!

Marketing is not a risk-free proposition. Did you ever send out an e-mail blast that you thought might really piss off a bunch of people? No? Liar. We all need to be responsible for the amount of our "stuff" we bombard people with these days, no matter which channel we choose. But, you never know what people will like (or hate) unless you try, so we're going to do this for a couple of weeks (I hope) and see what happens. Please let us know if we are overstaying our welcome in your inbox and social media streams.

Meanwhile, we have some work to do. Blogging once a day was pretty easy with a content team of 5 people. Tripling that schedule will be uncomfortable, but hopefully we will "man-up" to the challenge and keep the quality fresh and interesting. I trust you will let us know about that too!

OK, here goes. This is the third post today and we did three yesterday. Oh, excuse me - that's the Inc. 500 on the phone. They just revised their data and we've shot up to #1 in two days! This stuff really works. Actually, we'll let you know how well this works out...

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