The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - LinkedIn Leads, Corporate Speak and ROI Sabotage

The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - LinkedIn Leads, Corporate Speak and ROI Sabotage

By Roman KniahynyckyjAug 14 /2011

inbound marketing week in review 8 14 2011Happy Sunday, inbound marketing friend. How is your NFL preseason coming? In Cleveland, our foray into the west coast (offense) is off to a good start. Fingers crossed here. Red Right 88, The Drive, and The Fumble remind me that every ray of hope has some association with a dark cloud. No, it's not negativity - just reality -we love you, Cleveland.

This past week of inbound marketing kicked-off with John explaining how to attract qualified sales leads from the best known professional social network in the world - LinkedIn. Key actions include aligning your company page strategy with your marketing strategy, having a complete company profile, and assuring your products and services section has enough detail.

Tuesday had Amy, our Social Media Community Manager, offering insights on dealing with social media negativity around your brand or company. Even if you are a corporate muckety-muck, remember that conversation is king. 

John took Wednesday to discuss our inbound marketing library and how it has increased return visits to our site and buttressed our brand loyalty. If you don't have a library or content resource section, it's certainly something you should consider. 

On Thursday, Chris offered some incredibly valuable insight on ways you may be sabotaging your inbound marketing ROI, like overly focusing on design rather than content or forgetting to focus on customer data. It's a must read if you think that your inbound marketing strategy is not bringing you the results you anticipated. 

We finished off this past week in inbound marketing by looking at the cost of adding a new social media employee as compared to allocating that budget to an outsourced marketing team. What's the true cost of that new employee you are hiring? What other alternatives should you consider? 

What's new in your marketing and social media world? Are you seeing results? Is your ROI what you expected? Let us know. We can help