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The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - Budgets, Google Places, and Authoritative Blogging

By Roman KniahynyckyjJul 24 /2011

This week in inbound marketing has been a hot one, to say the least. Since companies that fail to get off the ground often forget about marketing or lack the budget to make it effective, John kicked off the week with an excellent post detailing an inbound marketing budget built to deliver positive ROI to your start up or small business

Inbound Marketing Week In Review July 24

On Tuesday, given that outsourcing will likely be part of your inbound marketing budget, we talked about key factors to consider when selecting an inbound marketing agency to partner with your company. 

With the continued emphasis on blogging ROI, John used Wednesday's post to underscore some techniques to make your blog more authoritative

Chad finished off our week by illustrating how to properly deploy Google Places SEO for multiple locations and how to maximize LinkedIn pay-per-click conversions.  

That was our week. What did your week look like?

We are over half done with 2011. It's hot out there. Are you leveraging the inbound marketing trends for 2011Or will you really feel the heat at year end when you have no progress or ROI to report to your board, your management team, or your VP? 

Let us know. We can help. 

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