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The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - 900%, 2 Minutes, and ICANN

By Roman KniahynyckyjJun 25 /2011

How We Increased Inbound Marketing Traffic and Leads Over 900This week in inbound marketing began with John explaining how we were able to increase our website traffic and inbound marketing leads by over 900% during the past two years. If you are trying to justify an inbound marketing approach to your c-suite, take a look at the data supporting our inbounding marketing ROI.

double your inbound marketing revenue in 2 minutes a dayContinuing on the theme of increasing both website traffic and revenue, Chad offered a method to double your inbound marketing revenue in 2 minutes a day using a tool called WhichTestWon.

icann potential effects on SEOICANN's new ruling had both Amy and Chad analyzing its potential effects on SEO and marketers.

Chief Social Media OfficerWe ended the week discussing the potential roles and responsibilities of a Chief Social Media Officer

What inbound marketing topics interested you this week? What ideas resonated with you? What trends did you see developing? Half of 2011 is over, are you staying on top of your inbound marketing game? See if you are following Brian Halligan's advice.