Why I'm Not Following You on Twitter 2 - At a Glance!

Why I'm Not Following You on Twitter 2 - At a Glance!

By John McTigueJun 2 /2011

Earlier this year I wrote a post entitled Why I'm Following You on Twitter (Or Not) in which I described my criteria for following tweeps, most of which involve taking a look at profile descriptions, number and quality of tweets and overall statistics. Truth is, I don't spend that much time on every profile. Like everyone else I glance at your avatar and name, and that's usually enough for a thumbs up or down. Here are some things that immediately cause me to say "see ya". Warning - adult material below!

Whacked Avatar and/or Name

I put together a beautiful mozaic of some of the more insane ones I get on a regular basis. Need I say more? If you want people to think you're a serial killer, pedophile, wanna-be-bride from a poor country or some other kind of mutant, by all means put up an avatar or name like one of these:

weird avatars are the quickest way to be unfollowed

And while you're at it, put some crazy goobledy-gook in your profile description. I especially like those weird characters that obviously spell some sort of mystic alien message. I'm thinking the invasion is imminent. The really cool ones have one word like "Love", or some expletives that are bound to start that trust relationship going.

OK I know what you're thinking! Why do I have all these weirdos following me in the first place? Excellent question. No I don't send revealing pictures of myself to strangers. That's something I will leave to celebrities and politicians. Truth is, I have no idea where these zombies come from, but I know one when I see one thanks to their avatars, names and descriptions.

Thank you Twitter!

What are you up to on Twitter? I hope you're doing some good.

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