6 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be on Twitter

6 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be on Twitter

By Chad PollittApr 29 /2011

Twitter Marketing for Small BusinessJumped on the Twitter bandwagon yet?  Only 8% of all Internet users in the United States are on Twitter.  That means there are a lot of small businesses out there that are reluctant to use Twitter as a business tool.  There are so many good reasons to incorporate Twitter into your company’s marketing mix – below are six of them:

  1. Competitive Intelligence – Twitter is a great place to “spy” on your competitors to find out what they are up too.
  2. Branding Awareness – By being active on Twitter you are increasing your brand’s awareness by opening up lines of communication between your brand and other people.  
  3. Customer Service – By actively listening to the Twitterverse you’ll be able to uncover and address possible customer service short falls.
  4. Lead Generation – When you post and share valuable content on Twitter you will drive web traffic to your website.  If your website offers a unique value proposition you’ll develop new incremental leads.
  5. Content Distribution – Twitter is the most efficient content distribution system on the internet today.  By posting your blog articles on Twitter they have the potential of being exposed to millions of people.
  6. SEO – Google and Bing recently announced their search algorithms take into account the clout or reach of the social media profile that posts links to your website.  By building up your Twitter account with thousands of followers your tweets will help improve your website’s ranking.

Still not convinced?  Try it for one week and shoot me a follow at @CPollittIU.  I'll show you around a little bit and introduce you to a few fine tweeple.  It'll be fun. . .  I promise. . .

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