Smells Like Inbound Marketing - Tastes Like Chicken

Smells Like Inbound Marketing - Tastes Like Chicken

By Chad PollittApr 22 /2011

Inbound Marketing ChickenEver hear the saying, “tastes like chicken?” Why does every “mystery meat” have to taste like chicken?  You don’t ever hear, “tastes like filet mignon” unless it is filet mignon.  Tasting like chicken is culturally the de facto description for a unique tasting strange meat which is new to the consumer of said meat, doesn’t fall into the category of beef or pork, and is generally considered taboo and culturally repugnant.  You know – squirrel, frog, raccoon, dog, alligator, goose, cat, iguana, pigeon, insects, quail, rabbit, snake, turtle, etc.  Indeed, these are all meats that can be consumed and when they are unsuspecting taste buds are tricked into thinking they're chicken.  Does your inbound marketing have the flavor of chicken or is it truly filet mignon?

Your inbound marketing might taste like chicken if. . .

  • Your internet marketing efforts include no content marketing strategy
  • A website and Facebook page represent the entirety of your web properties
  • You have NO blog
  • Blog posts are published less than three times per week
  • You go on a social media hiatus for months at a time
  • Google doesn’t know your website exists
  • You invest in a fancy new website design with no calls to action (CTAs) or unique value propositions (UVPs)
  • You expect people to land on your website and call you
  • You’ve never heard of lead nurturing
  • You’re positive social media is for kids
  • Your PPC campaign links to your website’s home page
  • You buy email lists
  • Your Facebook business page is a personal account
  • You buy spammy links for SEO
  • You have no idea what your return on investment is
  • You have no email list of prospects or customers
  • The only landing page on your website is a contact us page or a newsletter signup page.
  • You have no avatar on your Twitter account
  • You brag about your website ranking in the top five for your company name
  • Your social media campaign is fully automated
  • Your page titles and meta data are all identical or missing
  • You have a hit counter on your home page
  • You have an AOL email address on your website
  • You believe that if you just build a website “they” will come
  • Your inbound marketing investment is a percentage of sales instead of a percentage of leads

So, what’s the verdict – Chicken or filet mignon?  If the meat of your inbound marketing campaign is a mystery, consider making some changes and don’t worry as much about making additional investments.  If your inbound marketing campaign is well done expect to invest approximately 60% less than a traditional outbound campaign.  Oh, and please feel free to add some “chicken tasting attributes” to the above list in the comments section below. . .

Photo Credit:  benghancock

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