Kuno Presents Social Media & Inbound Marketing at CHIP

Kuno Presents Social Media & Inbound Marketing at CHIP

By Chad PollittApr 18 /2011

Coalition for Hispanic Latino Issues & ProgressKuno Creative's inbound marketing team partnered with the Coalition for Hispanic Latino Issues & Progress (CHIP) on Saturday, April 16th to present Social Media & Inbound Marketing - The Future of Business & Personal Promotion during CHIP's Annual Hispanic Leadership Conference in Lorain Ohio.  This was the first year the conference featured a separate business tract for conference guests to attend.  The Coalition for Hispanic/Latino Issues and Progress seeks to advance and promote the Hispanic/Latino culture and community.

Below are the topics covered in the presentation:

  • Social Media
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Personal Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • LinkedIn

The presentation focused on educating the conference's attendees on the communications revolution taking place today and how to best use social media, blogs and inbound marketing in order to position individuals and businesses to take advantage of social media for jobs, contracts and networking.  Guests of the event were given many of Kuno's Social Media cheat sheets for reference.  If you wish to download any of Kuno's cheat sheets you can access them on our Facebook page here.