Building Leads with Facebook - Q & A with TabSite

Building Leads with Facebook - Q & A with TabSite

By Chad PollittApr 14 /2011

Custom Facebook Landing PageThis was originally posted on the TabSite Blog by Mike Gingerich - TabSite, along with Kuno Creative, hosted a Free Webinar, "Building Leads with Facebook" on Tuesday, April 12, 2011. Below are questions submitted during the webinar that we were not able to address live, and now we are outlining answers to the Facebook marketing related questions we captured during the webinar.

Facebook Marketing Webinar Questions and the Answers:

Q: Do you have a few examples of B2B Facebook pages using tabsite?

A: Sure!  You can see the following:

Q: How do I develop a fan page to follow new TV Show Extreme Couponing?

A: Not sure we quite get this question.  Are you a official representative of Extreme Couponing?  If so, you could create a fan page, add TabSite and showcase items from episodes.  If you are not an official representative you can create a fan page about couponing and reference things on the TV show.

Q: Are we going to be able to download the Facebook Marketing slidedeck after the webinar? Very excited!

A: Absolutely!  Both TabSite and Kuno have them posted. See links below:

Facebook TabSiteQ: What are some advantages of taking the initiative of liking other businesses in our industry? Should we go out to them, or just let them come to us?

A: "Liking" businesses is a way to stay up-to-date on what is happening in that business. As well Liking and then posting on the wall of that business as your business is a way to engage that business more directly and let them know you are reaching out to connect/communicate with them.  Likes with a well placed compliment can yield "Like reciprocation."

Q: Are there any disadvantages of "liking" customers that we work with?

A: We cannot really think of any disadvantages.  A "Like" is not a significant threshold of commitment.

Q: Are we recording this AWESOME Facebook Marketing webinar?

A: Yes, the webinar is being recorded and we will send an e-mail with a link to the recording when it has been reviewed and tested.

Q: Tabsite FAQ doesn't mention AWeber - can I integrate their code for email opt-ins on my Fan Page?

A:  Yes, you can embed the AWeber html code in TabSite.  You have the most flexibility to embed with our Gold Plan that offers the "switch to html view" button in the Content Editor.  You can use this html feature to embed Google Maps, YouTube videos, and other opt-in forms.

Q: What do you recommend for law firms on how to handle Facebook wall postings?

A: We recommend being as honest and upfront as you can. If it is a topic that cannot be discussed then post that you will not be discussing that certain topic due to privacy and disclosure issues.  Financial firms like FINRA post guidelines on what they consider "static" and "forum" information that distinguishes on what should be approved, archived, or open comments.

Q: How do you handle "unhappy" customers and their comments on the "wall" or as an entry?

A: We recommend that it is best practice to deal with unhappy customers as quickly as possible on your wall. This shows good response time and that you care and are on top of the issue. If the conversation goes too deep we sometimes recommend taking the conversation off the Wall and into email support.

Facebook TabSite

Q: How are most people discovering fan pages, through search or through friends' wall activities?

A: We find most people are discovering Fan Pages through their friends. However for those who are adding the Facebook  "Like" buttons or other Facebook Social Plugins on  their website, we are seeing more and more traffic coming from that direction.

Q: Does Tabsite provide design services for the actual tabs images for your clients or your clients provide their own images?

A: TabSite offers the tools to create and add content to your Fan Page. Our parent company offers custom Fan Page design services for anyone interested.

Q: Does the custom landing page become the default page?

A: Not automatically.  You can set your default page within you Fan Page Admin on Facebook. Click the "Edit Page" icon and then on "Manage Permissions" click the drop down beside "Default Landing Tab".  Keep in mind this is the Default view then for anyone who has not "Liked" your page, while anyone who "Likes" the page or is a Page admin will always default to the wall.  This is a Facebook mandate at this time.

Q: Can you elaborate on migrating a profile account (which I have now) to a business fan page?

A: All you have to do is go to the new Profile Migration Page choose the type of page desired, and Facebook does the rest.  It is important to remember that this migration will do three things:

  • Change your Profile to a Page
  • Move your profile photo to your page photo
  • Move your friends to fans of the new page

Here is a report from Mashable on cautions related to making this change.

Q: Can you create a custom landing page with basic FB functionality or is an app needed?

A: You will need an App to create a custom landing page for your Fan Page. We recommend our TabSite Application.

Q: Do you think it's a concern that competitors may have access to your client information through Social Media?

A: We do not think this is an issue. Most likely your competitors already know who your clients are, or if they want to they can find this out.  The only way to become the primary resource is to talk about what you are doing for others and let the work speak for itself.  As well, if you are taking care of your clients and providing great value and service, they are not going to jump ship that quickly.

That's a wrap on our Q & A from the Facebook Marketing Webinar!

If you have further questions on TabSite, please go to our Facebook Page and post on the wall and we will follow-up!  Our fan page is found at

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