3 Website Redesign Killers for Your Business

3 Website Redesign Killers for Your Business

By Roman KniahynyckyjMar 25 /2011

3 website redesign killersIf you are a business owner that has decided on a website redesign, you're probably looking forward to a new, modern look and feel for your website. An updated design with spruced up graphics will certainly help you, but don't forget about the following three website redesign components:

  1. Copywriting - What will the content on your newly redesigned website look like? Will you bring most of the content over from your previous site? Will it still be relevant? Is your content keyword optimized for SEO? These are all important questions to consider. Many business owners and CEOs that we've worked with think their current content is "good enough" to bring over to their newly redesigned site. Unfortunately, many times a website not only needs a new look and feel but a complete content overhaul. Consider working with an experienced copywriter to make sure your content is right for your new website.
  2. Advanced Content - Advanced content really highlights the value of your business and gives your website visitor a sampling of your expertise. If you've downloaded Kuno's Geosocial Cheat Sheet or our Inbound Marketing Blueprint for the C-Suite, you'll get a sampling of our expertise and experience in our industry. Most importantly, you'll have a sense of how we will be able to help you. As you consider your website redesign, be sure to define the sort of advanced content you will need to create. For example, a custom manufacturer may want to highlight their manufacturing methodology or engineering expertise in a downloadable whitepaper for potential customers. 
  3. Social Media - Many CEOs and owners are keen on having social media links on their updated website. Certainly, it's important to consider social media and inbound marketing in your web redesign. But don't just do it because all the cool kids are doing it. Make sure you have an overall social media strategy in place, or at least an organized approach to Facebook and Twitter. As a business owner, you would never put out a product or service that you had no intention of supporting. If you won't be monitoring or engaging with potential customers on Facebook and Twitter, or don't think you have the time to do that, hire someone that will, or wait till you have a strategy in place to promote your social media presence. 

It's easy to get excited about a new look and feel for your website, but don't forget how important good content is to go along with your fresh look and feel. 

Any other tips? Please share them with us.