3 Quick Tips for Effective Lead Tracking and Research

3 Quick Tips for Effective Lead Tracking and Research

By Roman KniahynyckyjMar 22 /2011

lead nurturingWhether you are researching leads, tracking leads, lead nurturing your way into someone's heart or using lead nurturing as part of an integrated marketing campaign, here are 3 tips (and tools) you should consider as part of your lead tracking efforts to assure you nurture your highest potential leads down your sales funnel.

  1. Xobni - I downloaded the free version of Xobni a few months back and find it very powerful, especially since it automatically scans my inbox and points me to the LinkedIn or Facebook profiles of people I email. It saves me the time and effort of searching through multiple profiles of people with similar names. I always try to become part of a potential client's network, typically using LinkedIn. Xobni helps me do this efficiently and directly from my inbox.
  2. Page Source -Viewing a web site's page source may seem overly technical, but it's really not. Before a prospecting call, I review a potential client's source code on their home page. Source code provides clues on SEO, meta data, and the content management system a site uses. Noting that a potential client's website is built in HubSpot or WordPress or Joomla underscores your commitment and research in working to understand and provide an optimal solution for them. 
  3. About Us/Biography Pages - I've always found company biographies useful in providing a high level context of an organization - from its origins to its current mission. Individual management team biographies also offer a snapshot of  the collective experiences of the team. Is top management relatively new or have they evolved with the company?  Are they used to working together? Do they have a solid understanding of the corporate decision making process? What previous experiences do members of the management team have? Are they fluent in SEO terminology or inbound marketing?

Remember, use the tips and tools above to set a foundation for a broader conversation around client goals and current pain points. The up front research work you do will help keep the conversation going and expand your influence. Do you have other lead nurturing tips that you swear by? What is a lead nurturing best practice you would recommend? Are there other tools that you use? Let us know.