Inbound Marketing Agency Increases Leads Ten-Fold in Eight Months

Inbound Marketing Agency Increases Leads Ten-Fold in Eight Months

By John McTigueMar 17 /2011

As an inbound marketing agency, we believe that inbound marketing works, and here's why. It works for us. We commit our own resources to it every day. In the past 8 months (from May 2010 through January 2011) we increased both web traffic and sales leads dramatically. Web traffic is up more than 350%, sales leads are up 1,144% and lead conversion rates are up 320%.

Here's the raw data:

  May, 2010 January, 2011
Traffic/Month 1988 7137
Sales Leads 16 183
Conv. Rate 0.8% 2.5%

Here are trends over time

kuno inbound marketing agency traffic and leads

How did we do it?

Bear in mind that most of our work is done for our inbound marketing clients, who are also enjoying dramatic increases in traffic and leads. We follow the same strategy for inbound marketing for them as well as for ourselves. Here's what we do for ourselves to generate traffic and leads:

  • Write at least one industry-relevant blog post every day
  • SEO optimize every blog post, web page, and social media profile
  • Everybody in the company engages in social media regularly
  • Actively engage in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other venues daily
  • Create "cheatsheets" and whitepapers that help people do inbound marketing
  • Host and promote one industry-relevant webinar every month
  • E-mail webinar invitations and newsletters to subscribers
  • Invite well-known "influencers" to co-present our webinars
  • Guest post on well known blogs as often as possible
  • Circulate at least one, usually two press releases per month
  • Design and optimize calls-to-action and landing pages for all advanced content
  • Use Google Website Optimizer to optimize page layouts and offers
  • Analyze SEO, traffic, sources and leads using HubSpot and other tools
  • Adjust content, social, seo and lead strategy constantly to improve

Folks, this inbound marketing stuff works. The numbers speak for themselves. It does take a lot of effort, creativity and strategy, but if you believe in growing your company through sales, we believe that inbound marketing is the way to go.

We hope that you will follow us in our blog and social media. We are constantly trying new things and reporting on results. It's what we do.

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