Google, Spam, and the Hard Work of Inbound Marketing

Google, Spam, and the Hard Work of Inbound Marketing

By Roman KniahynyckyjMar 1 /2011

Google Inbound Marketing Hard WorkGoogle's recent tuning of its algorithm to avoid content spam got me thinking about Google's decidedly low tech approach to content. To be clear, I'm certainly not discounting the technological and mathematical wizardry that Google brings to the table.

But when you get past the software and the indexing and data centers. It's quite simple. 

Google rewards hard work. 

Google rewards original thought, analysis, and opinions. 

Whether it's inbound marketing, blogging, calls to action, or infographics - if you are thinking about it, planning it, creating it, iterating it, editing it, curating it, or peer reviewing it - Google will reward you. 

If you are copying and pasting like a keyword stuffing automaton - you are not relevant to the discussion or the community you are disingenuously seeking to be part of. Sooner or later - Google will find out. And the monotonous task that you perceived as hard work will ultimately turn out to be a grand waste of your time (and money). 

As Macbeth would opine - "A tale...full of sound and fury, signifying nothing..." 

Really? Did I just use Google, inbound marketing, and a Macbeth reference all in one blog post? Now that is some serious content marketing my friends! 

Whether you are a business owner, marketer, blogger or corporate muckety muck, the next time you start worrying about keyword density, pay per click, or wonder wheels. Stop! 

Stop and ask yourself if you are helping solve a problem, or providing analysis, or conducting research. If you can say yes to these questions, you are creating real, valuable content, and Google will reward you. 

pic: wessexarchaeology