Inbound Marketing Webinar Series: Building Leads for Your Law Firm

Inbound Marketing Webinar Series: Building Leads for Your Law Firm

By Chad PollittJan 27 /2011

Building Leads with Social Media for Your Law FirmThanks to everyone who joined the Kuno Creative Inbound Marketing team and our guest panelists Kenan Farrell, CEO of KLF Legal, and Robert Pinchuck, CEO of Columbia Financial International, to learn how to us social media to build your professional network and marketing your law practice. 

If you were unable to attend, or would like a copy of the presentation, feel free to download the webinar slides below.  Soon we will release the full video and audio of the presentation too.  We'll send out an email to the attendees with a link to the video.

Topics Discussed:

  • What are the facts and fiction about social media today?
  • How is social media being used for
    • Networking with peers and other firms
    • Research and discovery
    • Marketing and lead generation
    • Community action and support
    • Examples of legal blogs and social media sites
  • What are the best practices for social media marketing?
    • Blogging, whitepapers, videos and webinars
    • LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
    • Lead generation and capture
    • E-mail marketing and lead nurturing
  • What are the rules of engagement for attorneys and firms?
    • Ethics and common sense
    • Social media policies
    • State and Bar Association regulations
    • Resources for learning more

The panel discussed many of the issues as well as advantages of using social media to enhance your professional network and community online. We outlined the best practices and pitfalls of social media marketing and took a look at some real world examples.

We also introduced our new e-book “The New Legal Networking Guide”, which addresses these topics in more depth.