Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi - Inbound Marketing Expert

By Roman KniahynyckyjJan 25 /2011

Snooki the Inbound MarketerJWoww!

You probably didn't realize everyone's favorite Jersey girl is also an inbound marketing guru, did you?

Let me explain "the situation." Snooki is, quite possibly, the best living, breathing example of inbound marketing there is. Here's why:

  • Snooki's Hair (Call to Action) - The hair. It's the first thing you notice - it engages you, to say the least. You want to talk about it, ask about it, maybe even touch it. Just like an effective call to action on a website, it has stickiness and, in the age of over-information, it stands out (and up).
  • Snooki's Tan (SEO) - SEO is much like Snooki's ever present, ever optimized tan. It needs to exist everywhere on your website. Every page should be reviewed and sculpted for SEO. Need help? Try HubSpot and get real time SEO guidance. 
  • Snooki's Book (Content) - whether you're blogging, leading webinars, creating e-books, or penning your own bestseller like Snooki's The Shore Thing, it's all about creating (hopefully) great content. Wait. Snooki wrote a book? Really? 
  • Snooki's Geotargeting - Duh! It's all about the Jersey Shore! As my hero, mentor, and great American Chad Pollitt notes in a recent post - when you optimize for everything you optimize for nothing. Once again, Snooki gets it right.
  • Snooki and Men (Lead Nurturing) - whether inspiring members of the opposite sex to honor her with Snooki tattoos or getting the next date. Lead nurturing is all about showing a little love

If she isn't yet, Snooki should soon be your inbound marketing hero.

Photo Credit:  Associated Press

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Learn How to Audit Your Own Website