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Where The Jobs Are - Inbound Marketing

By Roman KniahynyckyjJan 18 /2011

Inbound Marketing DORKWhen I saw Time Magazine's recent cover article asking where the jobs are, I knew there wouldn't be a mention of inbound marketing. 

Too bad. Inbound marketing is the place to be. It's an emerging field whose practitioner base is still growing. You may wonder what it takes to become an inbound marketer, especially at Kuno. Basically, you need to be a D.O.R.K.

  1. Digital and Devoted - We eat our own dog food around here. So whether we're working in HubSpot, tweeting, or engaging in LinkedIn communities, we are facilitated by technology and are devoted to our craft. You should be, too. 
  2. Organized - whether it's creating calls to action or advising clients on inbound marketing strategy, the pace at Kuno is focused and fast and requires all members of our team to manage and coordinate their time and schedules efficiently.
  3. Rational - we solve problems and help companies grow through a variety inbound marketing techniques. Are you a rational and analytical thinker? Can you focus on achieving a client's goals? 
  4. Knack and Knowledge - Do you have a knack for creating content? Or engaging your friends on Facebook? Do you live on Twitter? Are you a sieve of marketing knowledge? 

Are you a D.O.R.K? Would you like to become more of a D.O.R.K? Come join us

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