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Inbound Marketing Webinar Series: Building Leads with Twitter

By Chad PollittJan 13 /2011

Inbound Marketing with TwitterThanks to everyone who joined the Kuno Creative Inbound Marketing team and our guest Kyle Lacy, Author of Twitter Marketing for Dummies, to learn how to build leads using Twitter.  If you were unable to attend, or would like a copy of the presentation, feel free to download the webinar slides below.  Soon we will release the full video and audio of the presentation too.  We'll send out an email to the attendees with a link to the video.

How do you build leads using Twitter?

Below are just a few of the tactical marketing aspects of Twitter that were discussed during the webinar.  In addition, you can download our Twitter Marketing Cheat Sheet for further reference.

  • Story Telling
  • Content & Twitter
  • Social Commerce
  • Capture
  • Promote
  • Join
  • Purchase
  • Share
  • How Kuno Uses Twitter

Kyle Lacy is the CEO of MindFrame which has built a solid reputation for an excellent in-depth understanding of the application of social media for business.

He recently finished authoring the book Twitter Marketing for Dummies from Wiley Publishing and has an additional book called Branding Yourself published in December of 2010 from Pearson Publishing. The second edition of Twitter Marketing for Dummies will also be released in 2011.

Learn How to Make Twitter an Important Part of Your Inbound Marketing Mix

Learn How to Make Twitter an Important Part of Your Inbound Marketing Mix