How Facebook-Bing Personal Search Will Change Inbound Marketing

How Facebook-Bing Personal Search Will Change Inbound Marketing

By Roman KniahynyckyjOct 20 /2010

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What Personal Search Will Feel Like

We've all gone shopping with friends and tried on that hat or shirt and witnessed either nods of approval or crinkled noses of "that really doesn't work for you," and other gentle let downs. Regardless of the feedback, your purchase decision was impacted by your friends, your network. This, in a nutshell, is the promise of the Facebook-Bing personal search.

You trust your friends.

Facebook connects you with your friends. 

And now, when you seek an answer or search for a product, Bing will serve up an answer, or recommended product, or suggested link shaped by your trusted connections. Think of the impact being auto-magically connected to your friends' preferences and results will have on how you shop, where you decide to eat, what movies you see, how you vote, or where your kids go to school - the list is endless. 

That's pretty powerful. Call it crowd-sourced inbound marketing. Call it transformational. In much the same way that Google monetized search, Bing and Facebook are poised to monetize personal search.  

What You Need To Do About Personal Search

How can your company, organization, or brand capitalize on personal search? Firstly, seize the moment - very soon, if you're not social, you won't be known. Years ago, you had to be in the yellow pages, then you needed to rank on Google, very soon (if not already) you need to rank on social.

Worried yet? Don't be. Just do something about it.

Google changed the way information was found. Bing and Facebook might change the way all of our personal decisions are made...Are you ready?

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