Custom Website Design on the HubSpot CMS

Custom Website Design on the HubSpot CMS

By John McTigueOct 19 /2010

At the recent HubSpot Users Group meeting in Cambridge, Brian Halligan (HubSpot's CEO) announced a major milestone, 3000 customers. A majority of those users have deployed their websites on the HubSpot CMS, in most cases having HubSpot clone their previous web design on the new platform.

redesign your Hubspot site for optimal inbound marketing resultsOur view is that while this approach expedites the inbound marketing process, it may suffer from a strategic point of view. Your old design may not enhance or even support the goals of inbound marketing, getting found online and capturing qualified sales leads.

If you are a HubSpot user or inbound marketing agency providing HubSpot services, we invite you to a special HubSpot webinar this Thursday, 10/21, at 2:00 PM EDT:

How Marketing Agencies Can Design Websites on the HubSpot CMS

In this webinar, I will lead off with an in-depth look at custom design for the HubSpot CMS. My fellow HubSpot Partners, Dan Lynton from Lynton Web and Dan Ronken from PullnotPush, will then show you great tips on adding and styling content and an introduction to Park Street Designs, also known as HubSpot Design Lite. The three of us will show examples of our custom designs and describe how we created them.

We hope you will find this information helpful in deciding what to do about your HubSpot inbound marketing website - is it time for a refresh or complete redesign, and if so, how?

Join us 10/21/2010 at 2:00 PM EDT.

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