5 Reasons Facebook Should Build a Separate Business Channel

5 Reasons Facebook Should Build a Separate Business Channel

By John McTigueSep 27 /2010

I'm sure I'm not the first to suggest this, but let's look at some compelling reasons why the world's largest social network should consider splitting itself into a Fun/Family Channel and a Business Channel.

Let's be clear. I know there are already personal pages and "pages", supposedly for business. The problem is that business stuff shows up on your personal wall whenever you "like" a business page. As a result, business pages are seldom "liked" unless they personally appeal to you on a regular basis. My suggestion is to build a firewall between the two worlds. You want business? You go to the business channel. Here's why we need the split.

  1. should facebook be for families and friends or businessPeople almost universally consider Facebook to be their "fun" channel for catching up with friends and family, while LinkedIn and Twitter are considered the places to do business.
  2. While many B2C companies have successfully created Facebook pages to push their products, B2B companies are still struggling with Facebook.
  3. With over 500 million members, there is no larger single marketplace on the planet. We just need to be able to allow people to easily select between fun and business on Facebook.
  4. Given a clear choice, people might very well warm up to the idea of having both personal and business channels on Facebook. Right now most are confused, and many are disturbed by the influx of business pages on their Facebook personal pages.
  5. Facebook is basically surrendering a huge market to LinkedIn and Twitter.

What do you think?

  • Would you be happier with Facebook if it was better segmented into personal and business, with clear entry into one or the other?
  • Do you think business pages would still thrive under such a division?
  • Do you think B2B companies would gain more traction in a new FacebookBiz section?

Have you tried a social media campaign for your business?

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