Attention CEOs & Business Owners: Is your website failing you?

Attention CEOs & Business Owners: Is your website failing you?

By Chad PollittSep 23 /2010

WebsiteWhether you’ve had the same website since 1999 or you just dropped $15k on a shiny new one if any of the below describes your company’s website you could be in trouble.  Internet marketing has become so advanced and competitive that businesses can’t afford to get it wrong anymore.

Is this your business website?

Your website is for “informational purposes” only.  I can’t count how many times I’ve heard this comment.  That’s like saying your fork is for eating purposes only.  All websites are for informational purposes.  That’s why people go to the web – to solve their problems - quickly.  It is how the information is presented and the information’s ability to solve your prospect’s problems that make your website successful at capturing leads or not.

The only forms on the whole website are the newsletter signup and/or contact us form.  It is quite common, even today, for a company to spend $15k or more on a website that does not offer a unique value proposition to entice prospects into giving their email address and contact information.  A newsletter signup is the weakest value proposition on the internet.  Why should I sign up for your newsletter?  Will signing up for a newsletter solve my problem today?  Sure, if I’m your competitor doing competitive research.

There’s nothing wrong with having a newsletter signup, but if you’re not offering coupons, white papers, eBooks or eZine downloads that help people solve their problems your website will never become the lead generation machine it can be.  Relying on a simple contact form for leads is like crossing your fingers and waiting for the phone to ring. . .  YOU have to MAKE the phone ring.

You have no idea how many people visit your website.  There is no excuse not to have some type of tracking installed on your website.  Whether it sits on the server, you sign up for Google Analytics (it’s free by the way) or purchase some advanced analytics package it’s never been easier to track your website visitors.  Without it you’d never be able to track ROI or performance.

Your website can’t be found on Google.  If you can’t find your website on Google for your company name or what you do your website is invisible to the world.  There is a plethora of search engine optimization (SEO) resources on the web that can help you alleviate this problem.  Being found on Google is the retail equivalent to “location, location, location.”

If any of the above describes your website your business is probably under-performing online.  I recommend contacting an Internet marketing professional and having them evaluate your website and internet opportunities. 

Photo Credit:  KangJoko