How a Well-Written Inbound Marketing Blog Post is like a Latte

How a Well-Written Inbound Marketing Blog Post is like a Latte

By Maddie WeberAug 2 /2010

Inbound Marketing Blog Post is like great latte artFew things improve my day more than a great vanilla latte. I was thinking, while drinking my latte this morning, what makes it so great and how can I capture this feeling in our inbound marketing blog posts? Here are some ideas about what makes both a good latte and a good blog post turn in to great ones.

  1. It's gotta go down smooth
    Like any well-made latte, your blog post has to go down smooth – meaning it has to read coherently. Stick to one topic, one metaphor, and really make it work for you. Not everyone will get it each time of course, but if it is easy to “digest” then people will continue reading it.
  2. Everyone likes it hot
    No one likes a day-old latte. Keep your posts current with the trends. With the ability of real-time search, any news that happened more than a few hours ago tends to be old. Stay fresh, stay present.
  3. Make room for a little art.
    Think of the latte art as your blogs accessories. A fun photo (in the upper right hand corner) is not essential to the blog post itself – but it gives it a bit of flare. A well-chosen photo can go a long way in capturing the attention of your audience.
  4. Did you let it sit long enough?
    One of the best parts of a great latte is the foam. To get the best foam you have to steam the milk and let it sit for a bit. Now, you shouldn't sacrifice staying current for proofreading, but if you sit on a blog post for less than a half hour – you'll still be in the cutting-edge arena. Write your post and walk away for a moment. Come back to it and read it through once more before pressing publish.
  5. If it's delicious, share it with others
    Nothing makes a great latte even better than telling your friends how good it was – sometimes they'll even go with you to get another one! The same holds true for a blog post. When I read something really well-written and interesting I make sure to share it with everyone.

And, if your blog post is great – people might tweet it a latte (sorry for the pun, I had to do it)!

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