Put a Little Heart Into Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Put a Little Heart Into Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

By Vanessa KnipperJul 20 /2010

If you’ve seen one Carlton Banks video, you’ve seen them all.  If you somehow missed this show, "Carlton" (played by Alfonso Ribeiro) was a character in the popular early-90's TV comedy sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" with Will Smith.  He is best remembered for his hyper-energetic, unrestrained enthusiasm while performing his infamous dance moves.  His attitude is infectious and you can't help but smile while watching.

We're not suggesting you dance for your team, clients, or audience - just that you put your heart and soul into your inbound marketing campaigns to get the buy-in you need to get results.  Here are some "Carlton-inspired" tips for inbound marketing buy-in...

How to convert your Team, Clients, and Audience:

  1. carlton banks an inbound marketing strategyTeam Buy-In. It starts with your pitch to your inbound marketing team.  If you don’t love your campaign idea, they certainly won't. Rally your team, give them clear campaign objectives, and empower them to devise the creative concepts and campaign parameters for presentation to your client. No one knows the social media rules/regs, trends, best practices, and possibilities like the knowledgeable members of your inbound marketing team.
  2. Client Buy-In. Present your concepts with compelling rationale and a clear-cut plan for execution and measuring results. Clarify YOUR buy-in to the campaign and justify your enthusiasm by demonstrating why it has merit to reach their objectives, via examples and/or theory. Your client hired you because they trust you and value your frank opinion.
  3. Audience Buy-In. Execute your campaign with the same level of excitement that you had upon conception of the idea. Provide useful content, engaging interaction, and clear calls-to-action. Reach out and ask your audience how they feel about your campaign - making them part of the team: an insider, an influential stakeholder, a brand advocate. Accept their valuable critique. Encourage them to share your content with their friends. Reward your audience with valuable information, exclusive benefits, and recognition for their loyalty.
  4. Measure Results. Celebrate reaching your goals. Acknowledge team members that brought your campaign concept to fruition and ultimately helped you reach your goals. Intensely scrutinize and continuously modify campaigns that aren’t achieving the results you had planned for. Be quick to adjust to unexpected road-blocks and overcome them.

Inbound Marketing Takeaway: Be passionate about your campaign concepts - from inception through planning and execution, be agile and expect to make adjustments along the way to reach your goals, and recognize the efforts of your Inbound Marketing Team.

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Vanessa helps Kuno clients achieve their business and marketing goals with her many years of experience in both traditional and inbound marketing strategies. Her success stories span industries from medical device clinical research to photofinishing and camera brands, and one of the largest orchid growers in the U.S., assisting them in winning business against national competitors.