Smile, Camera, Action! Using Video for Inbound Marketing

Smile, Camera, Action! Using Video for Inbound Marketing

By Chris KnipperJul 21 /2010

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless, particularly when you're talking about inbound marketing campaigns. Everyone's familiar with the speed at which a video can go viral on YouTube. Teen heart throb Justin Bieber owes his mega-star fame to home videos of the young crooner posted on YouTube by his mom. Scottish singer Susan Boyle became a worldwide overnight sensation when a video of her Britain's Got Talent performance went viral. Celebrities and celebrity-wanna-bes have made adept use of Internet video sites like YouTube to promote themselves and claim their 15 minutes of fame. Post a catchy video on YouTube that catches viewers' attention and you can put yourself in the spotlight again and again.

Viral Videos and Inbound Marketing

use video in your blogs to improve inbound marketing resultsThe power of video to attract attention and promote brands and products hasn't been lost on savvy marketing directors. Coke, Pepsi and computer giant HP are just a few of the Fortune 500 companies that have discovered marketing gold in posting Internet videos and hosting online video contests. They and others have embraced the quirky creativity of amateur video artists to tap into the public's unquenchable thirst for another 30-second chuckle. In doing so, they not only tap a new, young, hip, tech-savvy audience but they create new perceptions about their brand, widening its consumer appeal beyond core demographics.

Poking a bit of fun on YouTube isn't a good match for every brand, but the power of video can be harnessed in a number of more traditional and highly effective inbound marketing applications to draw customers and sell products. Consider a few of these proven video enhancements:

  • Add a demonstration video to your website, blog post or Facebook page to demonstrate how your product works. In a simple one- or two-minute video of your product in action, you can show customers how your product operates, something that might take pages to describe in writing
  • Offer a list of how-to videos for do-it-yourselfers, naturally featuring the use of your product.
  • Give your company a public face by filming a greeting, personal appeal, invitation or introduction by your company's president. Video is an excellent way to connect with consumers and establish a more personal relationship.
  • Offer a video showcase of your products in use to spark customers' interest and suggest new uses for your products.

How does video fit into your inbound marketing strategy? We can help.

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