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Job Positions, join an Inbound Marketing Team, Avon Ohio

Job Positions, join an Inbound Marketing Team, Avon Ohio

By Chris KnipperJun 8 /2010

Kuno Creative, an Avon, Ohio (20 miles west of Cleveland, Ohio) based marketing company has two open positions for the inbound marketing forefront. We're an exciting, growing inbound marketing agency, a Certified HubSpot Partner, and one of the few interactive marketing agencies that knows how to conduct traditional marketing as well as Internet marketing. You can read more about us here. If you're an expert in SEO and Social Media, or sales, we encourage you to view these position listings via the links below.

inbound marketing agency Kuno Creative job positions

The SEO & Social Media Marketing Manager, requires a blend of experience in search and social media marketing and will be responsible for search engine optimization for Kuno Creative clients.

The Inbound Marketing Sales Manager is someone who can sell inbound marketing software and services to our leads.

Please visit our careers page for more details and to apply.

The Author

Chris Knipper

With a background in sales, marketing and technology, Chris has the perfect balance of skills for developing inbound marketing strategy. Since founding Kuno Creative in 2000, Chris has helped hundreds of companies grow their brands and capture qualified leads.