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Blogging is a Key Part of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Blogging is a Key Part of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

By John McTigueJun 4 /2010

Your business blog is an essential part of your inbound marketing strategy. Your blog should provide interesting insights into your business - not just what your company is doing, but what's happening in the industry. You can use your blog to establish your leadership in your industry by providing expert commentary and helpful solutions. Visitors will read and subscribe to your blog if they feel it is valuable and not too self-promotional. Remember, it's not a newsletter or a webcam showing your employees working. Nobody cares about that. Your blog is for reaching out to communicate with your market and for building a loyal following with consistently excellent content. Think of your blog as a spider web that helps you capture leads brought in from your social media venues and search engines. A well crafted blog post not only interests readers but also inspires them to post links in social media and sign up for offers on your landing pages.

Why do so many business blogs get sidetracked?

blogging is an important part of your inbound marketing strategyBlogging is hard work and can be quite time consuming. If you're doing it right, your blog is well written and optimized for seo with important keywords. Not every company has a designated person or team capable of writing about their business not only with authority but in an engaging voice. Fewer still have professional seo experts on staff. Even those who have a talent for writing can feel overburdened by the pressure to create blog entries on a regular basis. For blogs to work their marketing magic, new posts should be published at least three times a week, or about every other day. Many business people simply don't have the time or resources -- or continuous flow of ideas -- to maintain the level of commitment successful marketing blogging requires.

Naturally, there are solutions. Many firms are now turning to professional blog writers or inbound marketing agencies to design and manage a comprehensive blogging plan, to provide original content and to optimize each post for search engines. Contracting out inbound marketing, including blogging, allows them to tap into resources and professional expertise most businesses can't afford to employ. Agencies can arrange for professional writers to update and maintain a company's blog site. Ghost writers typically write as staff members and sometimes as the business principal. Contracting out your blogging services allows you to focus on your business while reaping the marketing benefits blogging can provide.

How's your blog performing as an inbound marketing magnet? We can help.

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