Go On a Social Media Safari!

Go On a Social Media Safari!

By John McTigueApr 20 /2010

Please keep your hands and feet inside the 'Rover. We'll be seeing some of the best known residents of the Internhetti Plain today, so keep your cameras ready for these social media denizens.


Are you a social media Tweetah?This predator has a serious need for speed. Clocked at over 100 tweets per day, with bursts of 140 characters, the Tweetah overwhelms its prey with raw speed, volume and stealth. Tweetahs are loners with few real friends but many admirers. Occasionally they get together just to size each other up or maybe race. Profiles and updates are short and to the point. Typically they're doing many things at once. Don't blink, or you're likely to miss one of these fine natural sports cars.


Are you a social media Fabion?Fabions live in packs, or "prides". They live, love, hunt and share photos together. They are rarely seen by themselves. The female Fabion dominates, while the male is often seen napping. Fabions get personal with their profiles, but don't get too close, they covet their privacy like no other social media species. Often playful, sometimes wistful, the Fabion is a creature of community, but don't let their looks deceive you. Get a little too close to the family, and you'll be sorry, very sorry.


Are you a social media Lhino?The Lhino is all business. You rarely see one smile or do something silly. They're loners like the Tweetah, but much slower. With an in-depth profile and plenty of time to prove a point, Lhino's aren't worried about predators. They're happy to sit back, ask and answer a few questions. They're looking for opportunities but are willing to wait for a good one. Lhino's have been around the block, and they're willing to offer lots of sage advice. You don't see many photos of these guys. They certainly don't upload them. And videos? Please. They don't make friends easily, but when they do, the friendships last. Are Lhino's dangerous? Only if your profile is fake or you bother them with too much self-promotion. Send one of these guys an unsolicited e-mail at your own peril!


Are you a social media Youbra?The Youbra is the flashiest creature on the Plain. There's no mistaking their style and high profile. It's all about impact with a Youbra. You typically only see one for about 90 seconds, but when you do, you're likely to tell all of your friends about it. Youbras are most popular with younger visitors to the Park due to their prominent stripes and likeness to conventional (small) horses. Occasionally a Youbra will catch the attention of adults, however, especially when they do something silly, like stupid human tricks.

We hope you've enjoyed your safari. Maybe you can identify some of your own wild animal traits among the citizens of the social media plain.

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