Got HubSpot for Inbound Marketing? What's Next?

Got HubSpot for Inbound Marketing? What's Next?

By John McTigueMar 18 /2010

Congratulations! Your brand new HubSpot Super Mach-12 swept wing mega-fighter* got delivered yesterday. Now you can dominate the marketing skies like no other brand and bring your pilots home to talk about it. Yes, we're talking about the inbound marketing force multiplier that's the envy of every marketing airforce around the world. Now what? Oh yeah, we need to fly this thing before we can rule the skies.

Let's see, looks like we'll need...

  • HubSpot flies better with a certified partnerStrategy - we can't just fly anywhere and waste a bunch of fuel and ordinance. We don't want to rain bombs down on our friends' heads. We'll need an inbound marketing strategy, social media policies, people to do the work and more people to analyze the results.
  • Training - hmmm, not quite as simple as the video games, huh? We'll need an experienced partner to help us learn the ropes.
  • Design - gotta scrape those HubSpot labels off the wings and put our own insignia on there. Gotta make the enemy run when they see us coming. We'll need a design team for that.
  • Maintenance - hmmm, this thing cost us a bunch of money. Let's make sure we use it right, first time, every time.  Let's test and analyze to keep this baby humming at mach 12.
  • Impact - ok, so the training and all may take us a while before we're the top aces in the skies. Maybe we should bring on some pros to drive this thing for us for a while, wear our uniforms and scare the heck out of our enemies. When we're ready, we'll jump into the pilot's seat and wreak havoc.

Where do we go for all of that?

Well, good thing HubSpot has certified partners performing these services. These guys all had to pass rigorous tests before they could fly the Mach-12, so we know they're the best of the best. We can even compare them side-by-side and contact them for quotes. OK, is everybody clear on the mission? Oorah!

* No, it's not really a HubSpot Mach-12 fighter. It's a McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) F-15 Eagle, and no it's not owned by HubSpot, and no there's no HubSpot Air Force, although the way they are growing, you never know...

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