Creating a Custom HubSpot Website Design

Creating a Custom HubSpot Website Design

By John McTigueFeb 24 /2010
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Thousands of companies are now using the HubSpot content management system to host their websites and take advantage of the built-in inbound marketing tools. HubSpot offers several standard design templates for "from-scratch" websites and a migration service for replicating the designs of existing sites. HubSpot doesn't offer custom website designs that are integrated into the HubSpot CMS. That's one of the services offered by several Certified HubSpot Partners.

The tricky part of custom HubSpot design is adapting a web design to one of the chosen HubSpot templates, since there isn't (yet) any way to adapt a free-form design to the CMS without going through a base template. The current process requires three steps:

  1. Understand the layout architecture of HubSpot templates and adapt your design to match the primary HTML elements in a chosen template.
  2. Slice your graphic design concept into HTML using the main template elements so that the underlying architecture is preserved.
  3. Adjust the custom cascading stylesheet in the HubSpot CMS to adapt your custom design to the chosen template.

This sounds like a pretty restrictive set of requirements, limiting your ability to use many creative design elements and styles, but much can be accomplished in spite of the rules. Here are some before and after examples to show you some of the possible range in custom HubSpot designs:

Before: "Foxboro" Template for HubSpot CMS

HubSpot template - Foxboro


HubSpot Custom Design - Orchids


HubSpot Custom Design - Alexis Exhibits


Custom HubSpot Design - Accentuate Within

Check out these other great designs. If you are interested in a custom HubSpot design, please give us a shout.

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