Think Before You Set Up Your LinkedIn-Twitter Integration

Think Before You Set Up Your LinkedIn-Twitter Integration

By John McTigueNov 14 /2009
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Beware when you set up LinkedIn/Twitter integration

In my excitement to set up this new feature of LinkedIn, I set up my account to receive all of my Twitter tweets. Since I usually tweet more than 20 times a day, my poor LinkedIn connections were inundated with all of those updates in a single day. What's the problem? LinkedIn users aren't accustomed to the high-volume flow of information that comes from Twitter, so it's a bit like trying to force a fire hose spray through a pin hole. So here's what you should do if you're going to use LinkedIn and Twitter together:

Go to your LinkedIn settings and scroll down to Twitter Settings (under your Profile Settings). Under "Share your tweets in your LinkedIn status" select "Share only tweets that contain #in" and save your settings.

What that will do is allow you to selectively share tweets that you think are appropriate and relevant to your LinkedIn connections, just by adding a #in hashtag to your tweet. Otherwise, your tweets will continue to flow to your Twitter and/or Facebook followers as usual.

My apologies to my LinkedIn connections that I "hosed down" yesterday!

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