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How to Become an Inbound Marketing Agency

How to Become an Inbound Marketing Agency

By John McTigueNov 10 /2009

We weren't the first inbound marketing agency, and we won't be the last.

Inbound marketing is growing rapidly across businesses large and small and in all types of industries. Thanks in no small part to HubSpot and its own inbound marketing blogs, webinars and webcasts, people are learning about it and jumping on the bandwagon. Is it a fad? We'll see, but for many companies, including ours, the early results are in and they're promising.

So, with all this growing demand, who's going to do the work?

inbound marketing agency excellence starts with hard workInbound marketing does take lots of it. That's where the inbound marketing agency comes in. For companies with little experience in internet marketing and limited staff, a good agency provides an excellent partner to help them build a better online presence and capture new sales. What does it take to build a great inbound marketing firm?

  1. Experience - Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing have only been around for a few years, so no one can say they have a lot of experience, but experience in marketing, web design, search engine optimization, and copywriting all play an important role. The more of this experience you have, the better service you can provide.
  2. Strategy - The best inbound marketing results come from a targeted approach, like a marketing campaign. You must determine your clients' business goals, target market and prior marketing approach to create a sensible inbound marketing strategy. Focus on the prize, be it generating qualified leads or raising brand awareness. Measure those results and keep your clients informed. That's the way to achieve customer satisfaction and keeping your contracts moving forward.
  3. Sweat the Details - Cover all the bases, from blog writing to social media sites, join all the communities that make sense for your client. Make sure your client understands the potential pitfalls and establish rock-solid policies for social media use. Make sure everything is tight, including their website, on-page SEO on every page, link building and response to comments and leads. Put the best possible calls-to-action out there to capture qualified leads tied to great content or other free offers.
  4. Work Like a Banshee - You will immediately recognize the direct correlation between hard work and results. If you create consistent great content and engage multiple times on a daily basis, you will start to climb the Google page rankings and traffic rankings and you will capture more qualified leads. When you slack off, you will see the results dip as well.

Commitment is the Key

To do all of these things, you must commit to inbound marketing in a big way. Just dabbling or experimenting in it may do more harm than good. Why? Because your client will have heard your inbound marketing spiel but will see only limited results. You must be all-in, as they say in poker, or your chances of success are slim. Are you ready to take the plunge? We hope to see you out there providing great service and helping us carry the flag.

What are your experiences in building a great inbound marketing agency?

The Author

John McTigue

With over 30 years of business and marketing experience, John loves to blog about ideas and trends that challenge inbound marketers and sales and marketing executives. John has a unique way of blending truth with sarcasm and passion with wit. You can connect with John via LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus.