Easy SEO With HubSpot Keyword Grader and Page Grader

Easy SEO With HubSpot Keyword Grader and Page Grader

By John McTigueOct 10 /2009

Since we started using HubSpot inbound marketing tools three months ago, our website traffic, Google page rank, ranked keywords and lead conversions are way up. How did we do it? Here's how.

our increased website traffic using hubspot inbound marketing tools

SEO Strategy

We started with keyword research using HubSpot Keyword Grader. We looked at our previous website experience and took a look at our competitors' sites. We started tracking many keywords appropriate to our business but decided to focus on long-tail keywords that we had a good chance to rank on.

Keyword analysis using HubSpot Keyword Grader

On-Page SEO

We optimize our web pages and blog posts by adding our targeted keywords to titles, url's, headings, image file names and alt tags and link text. We use HubSpot Page Grader to assist us in this process. Page Grader advises us when any of these on-page seo elements are missing.

on-page seo is easy with HubSpot Page Grader

Inbound Links

We promote our blogs, web pages and landing pages using social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon. We make it easy for visitors to bookmark our pages and posts and subscribe to our RSS feed using social media widgets. These tactics spread the word about our posts and create inbound links. We also engage in social media through groups and communities, building trust and authority, which help to increase traffic and inbound links.


We are constantly monitoring our results using the HubSpot Reports, checking traffic, keyword rankings, inbound links and leads. As you can see below we have improved our Google top 10 keyword rankings by around 600% in a short period of time and are now ranking in the top 100 for many more. Our strategy is to keep up the good work and watch these results improve with time. Ultimately, our goal is to increase high-quality leads and convert those leads to sales, and thanks to the HubSpot inbound marketing tools, our goal is made far easier to attain.

hubspot keyword grader performance chart

How are you search engine optimizing your website?

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