Why We Chose Hubspot for Rebuilding Our Website

Why We Chose Hubspot for Rebuilding Our Website

By John McTigueSep 10 /2009

We recently completed rebuilding our website using the Hubspot Inbound Marketing software platform. That’s two complete website makeovers in the course of one year. Why did we decide to rebuild, and why did we choose Hubspot?

Hubspot inbound marketing toolsGiving credit where it’s due, we were introduced to Inbound Marketing at the beginning of 2009 via several webinars and marketing kits published by Hubspot. Few other sources were talking about it at the time, let alone providing valuable how-to’s and strategies.

Inbound Marketers HandbookI decided to find out much more about Inbound Marketing by embarking on a self-taught mission with the goal of learning by doing. I started blogging, tweeting, commenting and engaging in a wide range of social networking sites. I chronicled my adventures in a blog series called Inbound Marketing Journal. At the end of a few months I had a sizable following and had learned enough to write my own Inbound Marketer’s Handbook, an e-book for small business owners and marketing executives designed as a business insider’s overview of the strategy and tactics of Inbound Marketing. This step is one of the recommended building blocks of Inbound Marketing strategy and has been successful in exposing our ideas and services to a new online community.

At this point we knew that Inbound Marketing was a powerful way to improve brand awareness and sales, but how could we incorporate it into our everyday business and provide it as a service for our clients? After attending the Inbound Marketing Summit in Dallas, I knew what we had to do. Hubspot software was the key ingredient. Our first step must be to make our own website a powerful Inbound Marketing engine using Hubspot – to improve our online exposure, capture leads and convert them to customers. Then we could demonstrate our expertise using a real working website. We decided to retool our entire site to fit our new strategy. The design, keyword-rich content, calls-to-action and landing pages are all crucial components of getting found online and converting visitors to customers. We launched our new site a few weeks ago, and already we are seeing greatly increased web traffic and leads. We use the Hubspot KeywordGrader, PageGrader, BlogGrader, LinkGrader and LeadTracker every day to optimize our blogs and pages, monitor results and keep things rolling.

No, I’m not a paid Hubspot employee. It may sound that way because I am an advocate. With full disclosure in mind, we are a Certified Hubspot Partner, which means that we sell and support their software. There are many technologies available in social media marketing, seo and blogging, but none of them work together in one coherent framework like Hubspot software. That’s why we chose it. Rebuilding your web site and changing your marketing strategy may seem like a daunting and perhaps expensive task. Consider the cost of standing still, however. How expensive is it each time one of your competitors grabs a great client from your grasp? In our competitive market rebuilding our site using Hubspot was a no-brainer.

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