How Inbound Marketing changed more than our company's marketing

How Inbound Marketing changed more than our company's marketing

By Chris KnipperAug 26 /2009

After getting into the whole Inbound vs. Outbound marketing approach I noticed how the ideas behind Inbound Marketing started to filter into other aspects of running our business. With Inbound Marketing you do less and spend less on some types of advertising such as direct mail, radio, TV, or Print.  And with Inbound Marketing you spend more time actually doing what you enjoy.

So how did these Inbound Marketing ideas influence other ways we run our business?

1.     You do less.  With Inbound Marketing you do less of the same marketing methods – trade shows, print ads, phone book ads, TV and radio.  In our office, we started doing less internal meetings and less in-person meetings with our clients and vendors.  Some of those meetings now occur using WebEx and require much less time.  And many have just been eliminated in response to the question - Why have those meetings at all?

2.     You pay less. With Inbound Marketing you reduce your media buying and spend less.  In our office, we spent less on client lunches, less on travel expenses, and less on employees by not committing resources to constantly go to every networking event and chasing every remotely possible sales lead.

3.     You spend more time doing what you enjoy.  With Kuno Creative President, Chris Knipper Trout FishingOutbound Marketing you have to worry with every large media buy and campaign and wonder whether you are going to get a positive ROI.  Your job may even depend on it.   With Inbound Marketing, with every new blog post, digital asset, and social media engagement effort, you are creating followers and winning friends, fans, and customers.   In our office I am noticing a decrease in the amount of effort we are putting into dreaming up the next big campaign idea, whether for our clients or ourselves.  Instead, we are more often developing plans for a longer-term marketing strategy, sometimes, contrary to our client’s requests.   And just because it is a more secure longer-term plan, it doesn’t mean less ROI.  But it certainly means we are spending more time doing what we enjoy.

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Chris Knipper

Chris founded Kuno in 2000 as a traditional marketing and branding agency and has since grown it into a leading global digital marketing agency that’s helped hundreds of companies accelerate their growth. With a background in sales, marketing and technology, Chris is on the frontline of creativity, pushing the limits of what our clients can achieve.