Inbound Marketing Transformers

Inbound Marketing Transformers

By John McTigueAug 20 /2009

Inbound marketing transformersSix months ago we started on a journey into Inbound Marketing and blogged about it in our Inbound Marketing Journal. We discovered that Inbound Marketing not only helped us sell our own services, but it came up time after time in discussions with our clients. Everyone wanted to know how they could transform their web sites into sales and marketing machines that powered their businesses. We knew the answer was Inbound Marketing, with its unique blend of content creation (blogs, videos, webinars...), social media engagement and web analytics. Every client was interested and no one had a clue how to get started.

The next step for us, transforming ourselves into an Inbound Marketing Agency, was an easy decision but difficult to do in practice. There's a lot to think about and much to prepare. We first became proficient ourselves in content marketing and social media promotion. We put our experiences and advice for small businesses into a free whitepaper download called Inbound Marketer's Handbook, which became an instant hit and helped us work with our clients. Much thought went into developing an Inbound Marketing Strategy and figuring out how to deliver services such as blog writing, social media engagement and measurement of results. There were many technologies available, but few of them seemed to work together in an easy way.

Our services offering began to gel when we took the Hubspot 7 day trial for prospective partners. We liked Hubspot for all of the services we now provide, and learned how to use it through their Hubspot Partner program and by transforming our own website into a Hubspot-powered site. Now we are putting all we have learned into practice with our clients and looking forward to reporting many success stories down the road. We are looking forward to those transformations as well.

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