Inbound Marketing Journal - Not Getting Any Twitter Love?

By John McTigueAug 6 /2009

So you're tweeting your heart out and not getting any retweets or #followfridays? Time to give up? Hardly. Maybe you just need to tweak your tweets a bit. Here are some tips to revive your tweet-life.

  1. Think about your followers. Who are they? What strategy did you use to get them? Let's say your were looking for social media experts to help you get started in social media marketing. So you followed a bunch of social media experts and most of them followed you in return. Look at their tweets - what are they interested in? What do you want to learn from them?
  2. Tweet to your audience. Find interesting blogs that are timely and on-point for your followers. Tweet those. Do it as often as you have time.
  3. Retweet interesting blogs. Their authors will thank you for it in a reply and you gain more respect with your followers.
  4. Don't be a tweet-hog. Tweet frequently during the day, but not all at once. People get annoyed with that. I know I do.
  5. Be conversational. When someone asks a real question - like "anyone know a great place to eat in SF?", go ahead and reply. They will reply and thank you, and your reputation as a "giver" will be enhanced.
  6. Don't forget to reply and thank people. If someone retweets you or sends you a reply or direct message, thanks them with a reply.

You're doing all that and it's still not working? Maybe it's time to revise your strategy. Maybe you're preaching to the choir. Maybe you're telling your followers something they already know. Consider changing direction with your following. Look for people who don't know a lot about your subject but are hungry for your advice. Instead of seeking social media gurus, why not target marketing directors in small businesses? Finding followers who look for your advice can be a huge boost to your personal brand and your ego!

The Author

John McTigue

With over 30 years of business and marketing experience, John loves to blog about ideas and trends that challenge inbound marketers and sales and marketing executives. John has a unique way of blending truth with sarcasm and passion with wit. You can connect with John via LinkedIn and Twitter.