Inbound Marketing Journal - First Results Are In!

By John McTigueJun 21 /2009

We're all obsessed with "metrics" these days, and rightfully so. Marketing that doesn't produce results is worse than doing nothing, because it costs you time and/or money. So here are the early results after one week of working on inbound marketing, all results are compared to this week last year (shown in parentheses).

  • Website Visits: 306, + 606%
  • Website Pageviews: 1428, + 871%
  • Avg. Time on Web Site: 1:24, +218%
  • Facebook Friends - 20, Kuno Creative Page Fans -10
  • Linked-In Connections - 23, Groups Joined - 4
  • Twitter Following - 32, Followers - 23, Updates - 17

I'm not going to analyze these results yet. I'll wait 'til we have a few more weeks of data, then show some graphs. Bottom line - no new clients yet. The results are encouraging, however. Now we need to redouble our efforts!

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John McTigue

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