The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts to Tune Into

The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts to Tune Into

By Bridget CunninghamAug 28 /2018

When people pop in their earbuds these days, it’s not just music or audiobooks they’re listening to. Since 2013, the number of podcast listeners in the U.S. has nearly doubled from 12 percent to 24 percent. And the majority of this crowd tends to be loyal and dedicated, with the average weekly listener tuning in to an average of seven podcasts per week.

Every listener, of course, comes with their own interests. Some are on the hunt for comedy shows, while others want to stay in the loop on sports. Some are after political updates, while others want educational content they can apply to their business.

With the growing interest in digital marketing, it’s no surprise many podcasts on this topic have taken off. Of the different titles, here are the best digital marketing podcasts currently on the air—a list compiled based on our personal favorites.

Take a Listen: The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts

  • Growth Everywhere
  • MozPod
  • Perpetual Traffic
  • Social Business Engine
  • Marketing Book Podcast

Growth Everywhere

Actionable insights are the key to business success. And in Growth Everywhere—our first pick for best digital marketing podcasts—you’ll find plenty of useful ways to boost your growth as well as avoid common mistakes that can stall such advancement.

In this weekly interview series, you’ll hear from various entrepreneurs and marketers on digital tactics that have worked for their business, as well as their thoughts on best practices. This includes their approaches to more general efforts like growing organic leads and reducing the sales cycle, in addition to more specific efforts pertaining to account-based and video marketing.

Try this episode: Backlinks are one of the most important factors Google uses to rank websites. Follow along as HubSpot’s Global Head of Acquisition discusses the ins and outs of an effective link-building strategy.


While many organizations are keen on advancing their SEO knowledge, the learning curve can often seem steep. Not to mention, the ever-evolving nature of the field makes it difficult to stay up-to-date as changes occur.

That’s why the team at Moz created MozPod, a digital marketing podcast designed to provide “SEO on the go.” The series features interviews with marketing and SEO experts seasoned in the science of indexing and crawling, voice search, quality rater guidelines and the future of SEO.

Try this episode: SEO plays a valuable role in how your target audience perceives and locates your brand. Hear from Sarah Bird, the CEO of Moz, as she discusses more about the role of SEO in branding.

Perpetual Traffic

Paid advertising is considered an integral part of the digital marketing puzzle. When paired with an effective inbound marketing strategy, this technique increases your brand’s chances of being seen in the crowded digital space and helps drive more traffic to your website.

Perpetual Traffic—our next choice for best digital marketing podcasts—delivers practical advice on how to acquire more leads and sales through paid ads. The weekly podcast keeps listeners tuned into updates across platforms and their impact on companies, while showcasing tips on how to scale spending and create high-conversion ads.

Try this episode: To create successful ad campaigns, organizations need to have a clear understanding of their customer journey, from the length of time to the first purchase to the lifetime value of customers. Learn more about the relationship between these two elements.

Social Business Engine

If you have an established brand, it’s likely you have some type of social media presence. Yet, many marketers struggle with how to best leverage these platforms to establish their brand as well as create deeper connections with current customers and foster trust with prospects.

The digital marketing podcast Social Business Engine zeros in on different ways companies can use social media to enhance every part of their business. These tips for social engagement and innovation are combined with further advice on how to deploy and integrate a modern CRM, align your sales and marketing teams and develop online communities.

Try this episode: Modern sellers need to be prepared to meet modern buyers where they are. See how growing your online social media presence factors into this equation.

The Marketing Book Podcast

Plenty of books on modern marketing have hit the shelves in recent years. While these resources are useful for helping businesses market smarter, industry leaders are too strapped for time to read them all.

In The Marketing Book podcast, you’ll have a chance to hear from authors behind some of today’s must-read marketing books. The weekly series touches on various elements of what makes up a successful marketing strategy, from developing the right ideas at the right time to winning at social customer care.

Try this episode: To energize, persuade and inspire readers, you need to have strategic messages that align with these efforts. Listen to author David Aaker as he discusses how to create signature stories.

Podcasts are becoming a popular way to consume digital marketing advice and news. By consulting our list of the best digital marketing podcasts, you’re sure to find plenty of insight to help guide you in your own efforts and fuel growth. If you’re interested in pairing this knowledge with the help of a digital marketing agency, we’d love to share some examples of our work with you. Here are four stories to inspire your efforts.

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